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My Lunette Cup // Menstrual Cup Review


Now we have got rid of the squeamish readers lets begin! 

Hello friends, 

I had a glorious time in Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend and a blog post on that is soon to follow but I first wanted to do a review that is a long time coming. 

About a month and a half ago I ordered a menstrual cup after being extremely pissed off with tampons and doing more research on sustainability following my recent change to Veganism. I already use a diaphragm for contraception now after a horrific experience with the pill so I figured "whats one more piece of silicone?" and so here is my review. 

I first had to decide what brand and what size I wanted and after much research I decided on the company Lunette. Since I am a newbie at all this I highly suggest you look up the youtuber called "PreciousStarsPads" as this girl is the expert on sustainable menstrual products and knows all the ins and outs of them. She seems lovely and is bound to reply to you guys if you have any questions. Also feel free to ask me any in the comments and I will for sure do my best to give you an educated answer! 

I chose Lunette as it is a widely used brand and they had some very good reviews. It's a company from Finland that uses medical grade silicone for their products (V V IMPORTANT). Unlike tampons these have a low low risk of toxic shock syndrome and you can even use these in anticipation of your period – again unlike tampons. 

All you have to do is decide whether you are a light to moderate flow (Lunette size 1) or on the heavier side of normal to heavy flow (Lunette size 2). But as a side note, these babies hold more than a tampon can so if you're stuck between the two, I wouldn't worry quite so much. Also another note is that the size 2 offers a firmer silicone, still very pliable but a bit firmer than the first model. Some more detailed info on how to pick your right size can be found by clicking this link

As a newbie with a moderate-normal flow I went with the size 1 in a beautiful orange/coral colour. 

I ordered off of a British site called Feminine Wear  These guys carry all the different brands pretty much so you are in safe hands purchasing whatever you wish off of them. They also carry reusable pads too!

My order from them arrived so quickly considering I live in the Netherlands and inside my box was a mini pack of Love Hearts sweets which was a lovely touch. 

Lunette suggests you do a practice insertion while not on your period so as to know how you will fold it in order to get it in right. There are any amount of different folds you can do and really there is no magic "one fold is the best". You just have to woman up and get a firm grip and go go go! Once you have mustered the courage to try it you'll really quickly get used to the thing. 

I find it incredibly comfortable which I never find with tampons and I can leave it in for a really long time and over night if I wish! I don't even have to worry about dying if I leave it in over 8 hours because this thing can handle 12 no issue. 

Then all you have to do is pour out the contents, rinse with water under the tap (a bottle of water in a pinch) and then you're good to reinsert again! Then after the period is over you sterilise the cup by boiling it. 

In short: I BLOODY (hehe) LOVE THIS THING. 

There are some things to consider though:

1- The up front cost is more expensive.

However, this is a one time purchase so in the end you would be saving the money you spend all the time on tampons or pads. You are not paying any "luxury tax" just for having a menstrual cycle which is another plus. 

2- You need to be comfortable with getting all up in your lady bits/ seeing blood.

To be quite frank if you are uncomfortable with lady parts then I think you ought to get a grip. There is NOT ONE THING gross or unusual or disgusting about the female reproductive system. We need to be less prudish in order to get rid of the stigma surrounding the female body. 
If you are uncomfortable seeing that much blood then I wonder how you cope with tampons and pads. In any case this thing you have to change/clean out less often so in actuality you see less blood! 

3- Can be tricky to use/ bad fit. 

There will always be a learning curve. I found tampons hard at first. This is the best menstrual product I have come across. 

4- Sterilisation and Maintenance of the cup.

Yes you have the added work of sterilisation, But hey, you will know what you put in your body is clean and free of toxic things (which by the way tampons are most definitely not free) so with the added work is an added benefit. 

The PROS however are plentiful! 

1- less landfill waste

2- more time between changes

3- less money overall

4- less likely to disrupt your internal pH levels

5- cleaner for your body

6- easy to use once you are used to it!

to name only a few!

So there you have it guys. A quick review of my menstrual cup. 

Hope it was helpful. Please ask any questions below

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